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Learn Binary Search in JavaScript

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The course creator Jonathan Lee Martin

with Jonathan Lee Martin

Course level: Advanced

In this course, you'll practice your software craftsmanship skills by coding six different binary search algorithms. Each solution will teach you a new technique for solving problems as a software developer and level up your computer science skills in general.

You'll learn

Binary Search

Big O notation

Imperative code


Tail recursion

Array splitting

Array view




Before taking this course, you should have a solid understanding of JavaScript. Here’s our suggested resources to get you up to speed.

Meet your teacher

The course creator

Jonathan Lee Martin

📖 Author ⚛️ Educator 👨‍🏫 International speaker 🎒 Digital nomad 📸 Photographer @ Yellowscale.com

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Why this course rocks

This course explores the delightful intersection of algorithms and software design. It levels up your craftsmanship by coding six different binary search algorithms.

Each algorithm solution will improve your skills as a software developer, as the concepts you'll learn are applicable well outside the scope of binary search.

The course is focused on "learning by doing". The instructor Jonathan strongly believes that the real learning happens when you - the learner - write the code. So instead of him writing it for you, he'll challenge you to do it first.

This is hard, and you'll struggle. But for every minute you struggle with the problem, you'll learn ten times more than you would if you only listened to Jonathan explain it to you. So make sure you try to solve the problems before you watch Jonathan’s solutions.

You should have a good grasp of JavaScript before taking this course, so it's recommended that you already work as a developer, or are a bootcamp graduate. If you have a degree in computer science, you've probably already learned most of the concepts in the course. But, of course, feel free to take the course to solidify your skills.